Healing seminar level 2


Spiritual Healer level 2

Includes Reiki level 2 – 2 days – workshop fee: 590,- €

• Considerably upgraded instructions with the energies of the „New Time Order“ by Anne Hübner.
• Expansion of Spiritual Healer level 1.
• Knowledge about spiritual laws and the dissolution of karma.
• Healing with the healing symbols of the New Energies.
• Distance healings on the highest dimension!


This was already documented in 2003 by a TV crew of the German SWR station for an unabridged broadcast, in which the orthopaedist Dr. Wolfgang Bittscheid confirmed the results of the treatment!

• Initiation into the luminous and permeating „New Healing Energies“! A lot of practical work!
• We give you the knowledge and assurance for your ability to heal, which is the most important information a healer needs! Without this confidence – and having the backing of one’s teacher’s successes - the healer will never reach the magnitude s/he needs to be successful.

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With further energy initiations and the transmission of energetic power enhancers this level enables you to perform mental healings and work with highest transformations on all levels of the body. Through a heightening of your energy (light power) distance healings become possible as you learn how the intelligent spirit wins over matter.
Having become this sacred, healing power yourselves, you are now able to dissolve blockages, traumas, and health issues on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

These uplifting experiences will transform your entire lives. Conflict-laden relationships can be positively transformed for all parties involved.
You’ll be able to breaks the bonds of all restrictions.
This workshop is very intense because we deepen the practical work. The wonderful journey into the divine adventure begins. Many spiritual gifts await you!


Prerequisite for participation in the workshop is completion of Spiritual Healer level 1-
and being a NON-SMOKER!

One should also have actively worked with the healing energies. Daily self-healing or, even better, treatments of other people, animals and plants.
We transmit very high energetic frequencies, and for these the channels need to be permeable so as to benefit from this next level.

Spiritual healing with Reiki dissolves states of victimization and leads you to gratitude and to the unconditional love of God!





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