Straighting course - overview

Spiritual Healing with Anne Hübner and Tanja Aeckersberg


Spiritual Healer level 1 incl. Reiki 1 and Metamorphosis

Includes 3 subject matters: Learn active spiritual healing – with the enhanced power symbol of the „New-time-energy“ – use your hands as active tools of perception – detect interference fields and heal them – spiritual sharpening of the perceptive senses – where are my healing hands needed? – clairsentience and much more.

2 days, price 490,- €

Spiritual Healer level 2 incl. Reiki 2

Includes 2 subject matters: primeval blockade cure, healing through power symbols. Healing symbols of the „New“ time for an in-depth breakthrough to all levels of being – revolutionary distance healings through the knowledge of universal laws – instructions for healing core blockages of all life existences on earth.

2 days, price 490,- €

Spiritual Healer level 3

Includes 2 subject matters: healing with the measuring rod, instruction, and teaching of active spiritual healing – enhanced target-oriented application of the healing energies – acquaintance with the measuring sticks as extended limb to our higher levels of consciousness – creation of the transparent human being – recognize interference fields and program them – introduction to the cleansing of the life matrix – and much more.

Crystal healing with spiritual surgery – surgery on the energetic body, the soul and the spirit, as well as on all times of the past and the future – surgically remove conflicts so that something “new, upright, and peaceful” may take hold – healing of all bodies and the entire world consciousness.

2 days, price 490,- €

Receive training to become a healer with exceptional abilities!

Spiritual Healer level 4

Learn to create your own healing foils, cards and symbols as all-encompassing carriers of healing energies – radiestic knowledge to program energies as carriers of light – create power spots that harmonize, energize, and vitalize – through the knowledge of spiritual laws the substantiation of divinely blessed materials occur, which continue to be a source of great astonishment – so much more takes place!

1 day, price 490,- €

Spiritual Healer level 5

Decontamination and cleansing of negative electronic energies – with Anne Hübner who herself was affected by electromagnetic sensitivity 25 years ago. Through her unique research of these aggressive rays she is able to transform the invisible toxins and even bring about a phenomenal nature healing through the help of “spiritual alchemy”. What physicists can only imagine is already reality for Anne and Tanja and can be for you too. Even though Dr. Popp in the New Physics research centre in Neuss, Germany has been measuring and proving subtle matter with specially designed instruments for decades, higher radiesthesy and the potency of spiritual alchemy has yet to be scientifically recognized. Mainstream science does not provide knowledge! We need patience!

1 day, price 490,- €

Become a miracle worker:

Spiritual Healer level 6

Schooling in spiritual healing and spinal straightening with Anne and Tanja – the unattainable original.
Experience spiritual healing as a quantum leap into new dimensions of spiritual healing. Anne is the creator and initiator of this historically unprecedented healing power through which she establishes the divine order as upright alignment in humans, animals, the environment, and the world. The details of what is offered during this divine straightening workshop can not be noted here as the description of scientifically unproven miracles in the work of miracle workers is legally prohibited.

Become witnesses of miracles that astonish!
Then learn to work them yourself! The world needs miracles! The world needs you!

4 days, price on request


You too can learn “Spiritual Healing”!  

‘I think that non-materialistic healing through spiritual means carries a future of unimaginable possibilities. And I think that its scope will gradually grow beyond what we call today – justly or unjustly – “functional”, and that it will embrace everything that relates to the organs. I see the dawn of a new era rising in which the removal of tumours will be considered simple patch work and people will remember in horror that at one time backward healing practices such as surgical procedures ever existed. There won’t be any room left for conventional medications. I am far from intending to disparage modern medicine and surgery. On the contrary, I have great admiration for both. I have, however, been granted a glimpse of the incredible energies lying within certain personalities, and in sources outside of those personalities, which under certain circumstances flow through them and which I cannot describe other than divine. These are forces that are not only able to heal functional but also organ related disorders, which merely turned out to have arisen from emotional and spiritual disorders.’
Prof. Dr. med. Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961)


Anne and Tanja explain their workshops

Every level of our spiritual healing training is a formation in its own right that is documented with a certificate of participation! (Valid for a registration of business -in Germany- as spiritual healer)
After each level of training you can end your schooling and use what you have learned up to that point. Already in level 1 you receive unrestricted access to your universal energy potential enabling you to do beneficial work.

We offer the spiritual healing levels 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
in intensive workshops and corresponding energy initiations.

All workshops together include about 120 hours of classroom hours and represent the required energetic foundation to become a future straightening healer.

Our unique training system is made up of building blocks that fit one into the next.
For this reason none of the levels can be skipped!
Starting the training mid-way – as many wish to do to become miracle workers quickly – is not possible. Those who have already completed previous healing training can be assured that after the workshops with us their energy potential will have increased by a multiple.

The experiences in our joint teaching work of the last 18 years during which we trained several thousand spiritual healers has taught us that we carry the highest responsibility to our students - and to those seeking our help.
There are already enough mediocre spiritual healers around!
Our students have to be exceptional healers! This has always been our ambition!

Our workshops teach much more than the laying on hands.
The times during which you could lay on your hands and then say: ”God, now you do!” are long gone!
We offer intensive training in the healing consciousness of various subject areas and transmit the highest knowledge to our students. A healer who is not informed about the energetic correlations between the inner and outer worlds as well as between the neutral worlds of body, soul and spirit is not able to successfully heal.

There is a great difference if one learns healing from having read books or from other related theoretical methods and techniques, or whether one is initiated by a teacher who gained his practical experience from having healed over one hundred thousand people.
The work done with those seeking your help is the best teaching, because it offers the greatest experience!

You will recognize them by their actions!

Your path will be to attain One-With-God consciousness through light-filled knowledge, for then you will be able to direct your mental powers and determine the course of the healing processes. Our powerful energy initiations allow you to merge with your Higher Self because the gates to higher consciousness have opened. The healing energies then become part of your co-creative skills! The tremendous elemental powers inherent in every person are unleashed. Clairsentience, clairvoyance, and mediumship can develop by themselves.

Those who aspire to become straightening healers should complete all our workshops. The healing properties of the “Divine Ordering energies” are unprecedented in human history. The powerful energies as transmitted by Anne to his students can only be permanently maintained if a healthy basis of knowledge and energy has matured through training and practical work.

We guarantee this 100% through our training.

The teaching through Anne and Tanja of this completely „New“ healing energy will make history. This healing energy frees up incomparably powerful potentials and is about to beneficially transform all human and world consciousness.

This unique form of spiritual healing is immediately visible and continues to astound. Because of this it also defies all speculations whether spiritual healing is merely a placebo effect. This is about acceptance of the spiritual powers that are inherent in every human being. Through the relevant training with Anne and Tanja every person can refine him/herself and do miracles.

Healing through the spirit!

We spare no efforts to encourage you in your physical, spiritual and soul development.
Come, if you feel the longing!

We await you in love - Anne & Tanja



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