Healing seminar level 1

incl. Reiki level 1 also with animals and metamorphosis - 2 day workshop fee: 490,- €


Fundamentals and initiation into the spiritual healing energies of the “Order of the New Times” for the healing of all ensouled beings, as well as healing of countries and the world! 

  • Through emotional detoxification you create yourself anew!
  • You all become light messengers!
  • You yourselves will work wonders!

"Spiritual healing with Reiki is the way of your heart"

With this schooling you gain access to a divine, beneficial energy that flows through you and your hands immediately after your receive the initiation through us. Your vibration and life energy potential is considerably enhanced now that you are connected with parts of your higher self and are able to draw from the cosmic powers!

Spiritual healing with Reiki always and everywhere serves the highest. First for yourselves and then for those you treat. The healing energy can remove discomfort as it harmonises the entire organism. It strengthens the immune system, enhances one’s energy and wellbeing, it helps with fears, grief, worries and depression, as well as with burnout syndrome and much more!


Spiritual healing can support all medical treatments and is very suitable as a complement for alternative methods of healing. Spiritual healing with additional Reiki power transforms a highly intelligent, self-regulating energy that adjust itself to the requirements at hand and fulfils precisely what is needed. It is therefore impossible the Spiritual healing is the divine truth at one can ever do something wrong with this energy. Everything always serves the best!

With this “New” healing energy one becomes free for the necessary mental-spiritual development that awaits every person!

Spiritual healing is the divine truth that brings us - Anne and Tanja - happiness every day! - We wish you the same! 

1247515825302775Spiritual Healer level 1 includes the highly effective metamorphosis teaching. Metamorphosis is the transformation from the caterpillar to the butterfly. Only with this mental attitude will you be able to create transformation and renewal in yourself and in others!
The metamorphosis massage is an independent teaching that can also be described as an expansion of reflexology therapy. The difference lies in the fact that the metamorphosis practitioner does not work with illnesses but exclusively on the pre-natal patterns, which is the period when our innate strengths and weaknesses manifested themselves. The course ends with a certificate and enables the student to teach others upon graduation.

The spiritual healer places his/her entire attention on the life force as it flows through the temporal fabric thereby allowing all negative traits, blockages and burdens to be transformed. The very efficient massage is done gently on the hands, the feet and head. The metamorphosis of who we are to who we can be takes place. The metamorphosis teaching therefore is an important aspect of our Spiritual Healer level 1.

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Wake up!

There is no more time to sleep. You slept and dreamt for thousands of lifetimes. You did not recognize whow you realy are! You are “pure divinity”! You yourselves are God!
If you do not wake up now, you will miss the most important opportunity of your life that will not reappear soon again. Begin to love yourselves! Even lasting relationships can not give you permanent happiness. You remain seekers. Your most intimate wish has always been and will always be to find back to yourselves. Your souls strive precisely for this. Let go of the past and do not attempt to receive from others what you think was missing in your childhood, in your family, or in your marriage. Every single person was your teacher! You will never find anyone who can fulfill you, not even God, as long as you keep searching for him on the outside. Only you can fulfill yourselves by loving yourselves and by refining your Being in the ‘Oneness-with-God-consciousness’! Then you are all-loving! Become aware of this and you will awaken! Sathya Sai Baba - book excerpt

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