Healing seminar level 1

incl. Reiki level 1 also with animals and metamorphosis - 2 day workshop fee: 490,- €


Fundamentals and initiation into the spiritual healing energies of the “Order of the New Times” for the healing of all ensouled beings, as well as healing of countries and the world! 

  • Through emotional detoxification you create yourself anew!
  • You all become light messengers!
  • You yourselves will work wonders!

Healing seminar level 2


Spiritual Healer level 2

Includes Reiki level 2 – 2 days – workshop fee: 590,- €

• Considerably upgraded instructions with the energies of the „New Time Order“ by Anne Hübner.
• Expansion of Spiritual Healer level 1.
• Knowledge about spiritual laws and the dissolution of karma.
• Healing with the healing symbols of the New Energies.
• Distance healings on the highest dimension!

Straighting course - overview

Spiritual Healing with Anne Hübner and Tanja Aeckersberg


Spiritual Healer level 1 incl. Reiki 1 and Metamorphosis

Includes 3 subject matters: Learn active spiritual healing – with the enhanced power symbol of the „New-time-energy“ – use your hands as active tools of perception – detect interference fields and heal them – spiritual sharpening of the perceptive senses – where are my healing hands needed? – clairsentience and much more.

2 days, price 490,- €

Spiritual Healer level 2 incl. Reiki 2

Includes 2 subject matters: primeval blockade cure, healing through power symbols. Healing symbols of the „New“ time for an in-depth breakthrough to all levels of being – revolutionary distance healings through the knowledge of universal laws – instructions for healing core blockages of all life existences on earth.

2 days, price 490,- €


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