Rubens Faria - Transbioenergy Seminar (English)

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Rev.Prof.Dr.Rubens Faria, is a neuroscientist with training is USA, UK, and Brazil. International speaker and teacher with  multiple/several interviews and published articles, working in Consciousness Expansion and Memories Formation, is being researching on Consciousness and Spiritual Fields, seeking to parameters on Quantum medicine, Mind and Spiritual Energy. His background of 32 years in science and his own experience, helped him to create a therapy based on these 2 fields, helping people to change their realities and promoting self-healing.


"Everything is energy and that is all there is."




The proposition of the course is to give new knowledge about reality processes, creativity and how to reach high states of bioenergy. Using different types of mind and brain stimulations, is possible to change the frequencies on each physical/Mind problem. The spiritual/scientific focus will be presented as well one aspect of Consciousness Expansion, collapsing different realities.

  • Understanding Emotion
  • Quantum bioenergy
  • The manufacturing of reality
  • Develop extra senses more adapted to others senses of reality
  • Equanimity mind
  • Perception and meditation
  • Changing brain waves
  • Concepts of Healthy
  • The importance of Vibrational therapy and how to use it
  • Videos about and few studies


"Changing your mind and behavior you transform your self." 


Seminar in Transbioenergy

Regular Courses:

The all course in Transbioenergy takes one year, and you will have all information, papers and bibliography suggested to help yourself on this transition of energy and mind on your body. In total we have 4 levels, which you guided you on a new perception of you and how you can keep your motivation, healthy, positive thoughts, more tuned with a new reality created by these knowings


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