Spiritual Spine Healing

Todays most common diseases are:

Back pain, lumbago, misaligned neck, muscle tension, etc.

According to my experience, the cause is the so-called "shifted pelvis"!

The shift in the illiosakral joint may cause the following disorders:



Orthopaedic information on the "shifted pelvis":


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  • Differing leg lengths
  • curved spine
  • tense muscles in the back
  • lumbago, sciatica
  • cervical, dorsal and lumbar vertebral syndrome
  • prolapsed intervertebral disc
  • lordosis
  • slipped discs
  • groin pain
  • arthritis in the knees and pelvis
  • bone degeneration
  • osteoporosis
  • gout hands
  • disturbance of the blood supply
  • impaired vision
  • tinnitus, headache,
  • cardiac muscle debility
  • concentration problems
  • disturbance in sensitivity
  • renal congestion
  • spastic problems
  • muscular atrophy
  • high blood pressure
  • circulation problems
  • cardiac arrhythmia
  • thrombosis
  • immunodeficiency
  • nervous disorders
  • vertigo, impotence
  • skin diseases
  • pituitary disorders
  • bad position of the teeth
  • lymphatic congestion
  • infertility, etc. 
Let us help you!
image001The sooner the correction is made, the better the chance to avoid disease in the future. For that reason, we align embryos in the womb, children from their first week of life and adults of all ages. IMPORTANT! The straightening of the spine has been confirmed by medical doctors, non-medical practitioners and chiropractors. If they feel called to practise mental healing, we can teach them this healing art at any time. Our greatest desire is to straighten people worldwide. To raise your consciousness, we would like to give you the following information: To date, divine healing is still known to only a few. Many humans continue to hinder their healing by attempting to heal the symptoms rather than the cause of the disease. This way of thinking probably results from the fact that, throughout the centuries, mental and spiritual healing have been regarded as charlatanism. And this although Jesus already knew how to heal with divine love and taught his disciples the art of healing. Spiritual healing is no treatment in the common medical sense. It is much more a divine and religious process in the sense of being reunited with God. This is not at all a miracle. It does not break natural laws, rather it occurs in perfect accordance with the laws of nature. By releasing negative and limiting thoughts and programs which result in disharmony, diseases and blocked energy in body and soul, the healing process can take place on all levels, even without therapeutic intervention. Love is the power that makes the impossible possible. We can help!
Spiritual Spine Healing "The Original" from Germany
Visible and provable spiritual healing as per the spiritual masters and teachers of spiritual healing
Anne Hübner and Tanja Aeckersberg
Spiritual Spinal Column Straightening ocurs without physical contact, solely through the power of the divine spirit. The change is visible on the physical level and can be felt by each person through a liberating feeling of relief.
Let us help you! Here is the proof!
 Picture before:   Picture after:
 image012  image014

shifted pelvis with 3,5 cm leg length and shoulder difference 

After the straightening - The alignment, in the the balance
image016 image018

biophoton energy field

Picture before:

 biophoton energy field

Picture after:

Fitmit4 Fitmit5
An all-embracing healing process for body and soul for ailments of all kinds. The spiritual straightening of the spinal column with correction of scoliotic pelvis and leg length equalisation. Freeing up of blockages and patterns to restore the divine order in human beings.

Anne Hübner and Tanja Aeckersberg are two of the most important spiritual healers of the new age.
Anne and Tanja´s work is renowned in Europe. People from all over the world come to their healing school in search of help.


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