Dear seekers of help

Dear seekers of help,
Thank you for your interest in our beneficial work!

Spiritual Spine Straightening is your direct route to healing! By healing the causal blockages, we can help with any disease. Therefore, it is not necessary for us to know which specific illnesses are present. This healing power is all-embracing! The straightening of the spine is merely the first step. We can also help with the remaining physical, mental and spiritual disorders in humans and animals of all ages. As a result of our work, we have been able to help many people avoid operations.

We repeatedly receive feedback from people regarding successful healings. We even have reports from the severely ill who experienced healing simply by imagining that they were being treated by our team. This is evidence for us that the healing energies take immediate effect. When dealing with miracles, you can be assured that every one of you who turned to us for assistance was steered by “divine guidance”. Nothing in life occurs “by chance”. It was therefore not a “coincidence” that you saw a television show about the "Spiritual Spine Straightening" or that you heard about our beneficial work through relatives or that you read about it somewhere. Everything is the fulfillment of the “Divine Plan” and, as a result, the right things come to you at the right time.
                                         Do not hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity!

To all those who requested our help or training - please let us point out again that for every single one of you – regardless of the symptoms, the severity of the ailment, whether you have been operated on or pronounced incurable by conventional medicine – the alignment of the body and the spine is the crucial first step in your healing process. The establishment of the “Divine Order” is a prerequisite and the foundation for healing and also the first step on the path to becoming a healer yourself. When the intelligent spirit visibly manifests its miracle, all causative blockages that brought about the symptoms of the illness are removed. Once this has taken place, the innate body intelligence is able to do its healing work. The pelvic alignment with its resulting permanent equalization of leg lengths allows the spine to fully straighten. The spiritual alignment takes place without any physical contact and is, in fact, not a technique or method devised by humans. It is clearly proof that Spirit heals and therefore, it is the most important help for disorders of any kind. The creation of the “Divine Order” also helps with mental problems and emotional suffering. In these areas in particular you can count on far-reaching changes. Everything is regulated by the spiritual power through the central nervous system which is located in the spine. Healing on all levels of being!
Our healing work is all-encompassing! There is no illness that cannot be healed! As a rule, a single encounter with our healing team is sufficient. We would be happy to send you our printed brochure (please provide your full mailing address), which describes in detail what the creation of the “Divine Order” is all about!


© Anne Hübner,, Germany